Thursday, June 28, 2007


I am kind of buried in SWAPS ... almost all the A Muse swaps that I signed up for are due this week, and I am the queen of procrastination ... so I am working my butt off, and still trying to take care of the fam ... etc, etc! I am almost glad that it has been raining here - makes it almost okay for my boys to veg out and watch lots of Monster Jam off the DVR - as my 2 1/2 year old likes to say ... "Are you ready for Monster Jam!!!!" in his best deep throat scream! Anyway - here is my first ATC for Sarah's swap ... gots to get back to work! Don't peek if you want to be surprised!


Katie said...

Oh my word, that is sooo cute!

Liz said...

I cannot wait to get this one! Great idea to make the ATC into a tag! Love the mad scientist!

tami said...

sweet and hi Liz!! Hey Boris, I love you!!!

tami said...

i hope i'm in this swap. i hear you on the swaps. I signed up for way too many but I will do them.

SpAzzGiRL said... cute is that stamp!!??
I've never even seen it before.
Love that tag to no end...awesome.