Monday, August 27, 2007

Home again, Thank the Lord!

We have made it home from the Northwest, and I am EX-hausted! We had so much fun, and accomplished our goal! We were in Seattle to pick up my 83 year-old grandmother and move her back here to KC! The move went very smoothly - Grandma was a trooper on the plane (she and Lily napped together!) and she is now getting settled in her new Assisted Living Facility here! She seems very happy! I hope that she will continue to adjust well! Leaving her there today felt like my son's first day of kindergarten or daycare! I know it's a great place, but I also know that Grandma will never really be able to tell me if something is wrong ... kind of scary!

Wait ... I know you're getting ready to run away ... isn't this supposed to be a stamping blog?? I did get to do a little bit of stamp shopping while I was in the Northwest! I went to Ikea in Portland and stocked up on a few storage options (pictures later!), then went to Craft Warehouse, where I was very disappointed that they no longer carry the long ruler with the piercing holes in it, but I did find a new yummy Basic Gray 6x6 pad! Then we went on to Seattle! I didn't have a ton of time, but I did run into Impress to pick up a couple packs of the clear boxes and then I went to The Mother Ship ... the A Muse store!! Again, it was an amazing experience! I just think that Linda is one of the best people around! She is so friendly, and so smart! She has some exciting things up her sleeve ... I can't wait to see them! I only had about an hour to spend in the shop - I could have stayed there all day!! Here are a couple of pics from A Muse! I will take pictures of my goodies and post them soon! Now, I am so flippin' tired! Must go to bed!
The Amazing Linda holding my baby - makes me think about Presidential campaigning when people want the candidates to kiss their babies - forget that - Linda held my baby!!
Me, Linda & Lily - Linda looks very tan next to us pale Kansas folks! I just love the color of the shop!


SB or MB said...

Can you say JEALOUS???!!! I know I can!! A lovely shop full of A Muse stamps ... almost as gorgeous as that baby right there!

Linda said...

I'm so glad to hear that your trip home with Grandma went well. You are lucky to have her near you now.

Thank you for letting me hold your baby. She is darling! I wish you lived closer - my girls and I would LOVE to babysit.

Thanks for making the trek to the shop. It was lovely to see you & Lily again and meet your sweet husband.


Liz said...

LUCKY DUCKY! What a thrill that you got to meet Linda and Hailey! And how awesome is it that she posted on YOUR BLOG! She's total stamping celebrity!

SpAzzGiRL said...

awww...the baby is soooo cute!
I wanna hold the baby! lol