Thursday, October 11, 2007

For the one that I love! (Warning: long, personal post!)

My baby sitting on his race car - he's so cute!!

On this day, 5 years ago, I married the love of my life! I feel so incredibly blessed to have such an amazing husband! He is an excellent father - very hands on! - and my best friend! When I was a single mom, living with my mother, I never thought that I would have this! Thank you, God, for bringing Ben into our lives!

There is a funny story of how we met ... you can stop reading if you don't want to delve into my personal life! My mother and I had been taking our cars to this independent shop for a lot of years. My mom is an awesome baker, so she had made carrot cakes and such for the guys at the shop to say thanks for a job well done. So, one day about 6 years ago, I took my car in for an oil change and to check out a noise I was hearing in the back. They decided that one of the guys should ride with me to hear the noise. So, Ben gets in the car with me and we drive around for like 3 minutes. Ben swears that I was flirting with him that morning - I don't remember that - I think I was just being my normal, friendly self! I leave my car, not really thinking anything of Ben. I had seen him at the shop for years - he had started working there in high school, and I just remember him looking so YOUNG! Later that day, they call me and say that my car needs ALL this work - like $650 more! I was a bit in shock! I go back in to pick it up and it's not quite done ... so I'm sitting in the lobby. The owner is talking to me, and says that they would love to have another carrot cake. I said that I brought my car in for an oil change, and I am leaving $650 later - if anyone deserves some dessert it was me! Paul, the owner, picks up the phone and pages into the shop on the loudspeaker that I want dessert! Ben yells - I could hear him through the wall - OKAY, WHEN! So, then I say, well, if he's that aggreeable, how about dinner and a movie - so Paul does the whole loudspeaker thing again, and Ben says Yes. I just laughed, thinking that we were just joking! By this time, I am incredibly late to pick up my son, who had a therapy appointment, so when Ben finally brought my car around, I just threw my stuff in and was ready to run. Ben stops me and asks - What about our date - and I'm like, Oh, were we serious? He says yes, and I literally was pulling out of the parking lot yelling at him to get my number off my info at the shop and give me a call!

Well, he called, we went out, were engaged 3 months later and married less than a year after that! I never really believed in the whole "happily ever after" thing, but I am so glad that it came true! These are the cards that I made for Ben (I am horrible about actually making cards for people in my family, so I was pretty proud of myself for getting these done on WCMD!) They aren't anything over the top, but he'll like them!

P.S. Sometime I'll tell you all about the wedding, and how Sarah was a bridesmaid but had to run out in the middle of the ceremony puking!! Poor Sarah!
A quick card - I used the stars from the new clear Sports set by A Muse to make the background on the Cabana Blue band. You can but it HERE.
I made this card for Ben because we are going to Mexico next month for our Anniversary. We spent our Honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta and had a blast! This time we are going to Cancun!

Thanks for sticking with me on this long post! I hope you have a great day! Hug the ones you love!


Amanda said...

I love stories like that... You brought a little tear to my eye... I was in totally the same sitaution when I met my husband... Single mom, 3 year old little man. Never really thought about more than that until... :)

Sarah said...

Happy Anniversary! Sniff, sniff ... such a sweet story. I love you guys and am so happy you're so happy.

Ps. No need to rush into that whole "puking" story! Really.

tw said...

Hi Tisha

Happy anniversary. We are now
A Muse sisters! Congrats and I enjoyed your post. What a sweet love story. Have fun in Cancun. I want to know more about SB being your maid of honor and getting ill. She's gonna kill me.

Carmen said...

You give me hope that there is a man out there ready to sweep me off my feet! Great cards as well!!

Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary Tisha! And love the cards that you made for Ben. Wishing you many more years of happiness together!

Angie said...

what a sweet story, i'm so happy you shared it with us!!

Donna said...

I just found your blog, what a neat story! love your cards

Sarah (WAstamper on SCS) said...

What a sweet story! TFS!