Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lily the Ladybug turns 1!!

Well, I am a bit delayed in getting this posted, but I wanted to share some cute pictures from my daughter's first birthday party! I can't really believe that she is one already!! And, since she is the end of the line, it's crazy to think that this is the last first birthday party that I will have!! Really, I'm okay with it - it's just crazy to think about!! We had a great party - good friends, good food, good times!!

Here is the Little Princess with her Daddy!

Our Lady Bug cupcakes!! These are a the reason that you should NEVER stop at page 1 on a google search! I think I found these on page 4! You can learn to make them, too at The Whimsical Bakehouse! They were incredibly easy! The party was at 3:00, and I started decorating these at 1:30 (the cupcakes themselves I had baked the night before!)!!

Lily with her new bling!! Lily received this beautiful bracelet with her name and birthday on it from Auntie Sarah & Auntie Aura!! She loves it!!

And of course, some obligatory cake-in-the-face pictures!! Lily really enjoyed her cupcake - she ate it ALL!! Thanks for letting me share some pics of my cutie-patootie! I promise some actual STAMPED things soon!! Take care!


Heather said...

Such cute photos! And those ladybug cupcakes ... so cool!

PennyH said...

Awww...she looks so sweet! Looks like she had lots & lots of fun eating her cake! Those cupcakes are adorable!