Saturday, March 8, 2008

Notice anything different?

I made some changes to the old blog, and I need to give some credit where credit is due! I found this great site of FREE, yes, that's right, FREE blogger templates!! Click here, click there and a pretty blog is there on your screen! BRILLIANT!! I did a bit of manipulation to the banner in Photoshop to add my title, but that's it! Do you recognize the font in my title? It's called MA sexy and it is used on a few A Muse stamps and you can have it for free right here!! I've used a big hunk of my day on the 'puter - now I'm going to try to go stamp!!

BTW - in all this transition, I lost both my counter (no big deally) and my list of links to other blogs! I have all the A Muse girls ready to add on, but if you would like to be on my blog roll, please leave a comment and we'll hook up - HAHAHA!!


Heather said...

Your new banner is SOOO pretty! Thanks for sharing the link!

Well Said Cards said...

OMG!! Tisha you did a FANTASTIC job on your blog. It looks beautiful.

Tracy said...

LOVE, LOVE the new look!!! It's VERY cheery. Great job. If you want to put up my link it's {{HUGS}} Tracy

Elena said...

Go TIsha! I love the new look :)

Jen said...

Hi Tisha- I love this new look- so pretty!
I would also be honored to be linked to your blog:
Jen said...

Awesome work! I'm so pleased that people are pleased with my templates (and this is exactly what I wanted them to be used for!). Looks fantastic - I'm proud of both of us ;)

As for the question you asked - send me an email to and I'll let you know how to put in the email link thing. There are a few ways I guess you can do it!


Melissa~ said...

Hi Tisha,

I am avoiding doing stuff I'm *supposed* to be doing and followed a link to a link to a link...(you know how that goes) and found you.

I just wanted say wow. Your cards are so lovely and gorgeous and beautiful! (the cupcake card makes me want to giggle with happiness -it's so pink and pretty!) What inspiration!

I'm so glad to have found your sweet blog!


Pink Paper Peppermints

Michelle Clark said...

OMG I LOVE IT!! Thanks for the link. I am going to check it out NOW.