Thursday, June 28, 2007

It came!!

On a SU! note ... IT CAME!!! I received my demonstrator copy of the 2007-2008 Fall Idea Book and Catalog today! There is a lot of new stuff, and it is gorgeous! Yes, some of the prices went up ... but that's life! Everything else has gone up, I don't know how we can expect to spend 12 bucks for a stamp set forever!! I will say that I haven't spent a ton of time on SCS in the forums this week ... I kind of want to form my own opinion of things ... so I will let you know what I think as I spend more time with my new best friend! The one thing that I really notice is that the samples in the catalog appeal to me more than in prior years ... I may actually CASE things straight from the catalog! I also think that I am going to hold off on ordering until I go to St. Louis for A*Muse*A*Palooza - I want to have every available resource available for my A Muse purchases first!!


Tami said...

you go girl. Think A Muse!!! When can we all get together for some Sangria??? Sarah really loves it and me too. Shall we meet in Minneapolis, Kansas City or St. Louis??? How about Seattle at A Muse headquarters??? How about the Mall of America?? Remember I have ALL of those new A Muse stamps in my possession for my classes during AP. I'm doing a stamping marathon this many stamps so little time. Yikes, I have a lot of prep work.

SpAzzGiRL said...

Well ain't you lucky, I've got no SU love here, I seen to be the last person on the planet to get anything sent from them...hmph!!