Sunday, July 8, 2007

Here's my improvements on the chipboard coaster idea!! I will admit that it probably more than doubles the cost, but it really is better!! That big clip at the top?? Monster strong magnet! Now this handy dandy thing can hang on the fridge, or wherever! I used crystal effects to hold the paper to the metal, then put a glob on top of the flower on the clip! What I really need are the Creative Candy A Muse stickers, but I don't have them (insert sad face here!) I hope to pick some up next week at AMAP events! What do you think? Sorry for the blurry pic - I was rushing!!

Blogger will not let me add a title - poohy - we'll see what happens anyway!! Thanks for looking!


Anonymous said...

This is a really cute idea! Where did you get the magnet? I've already took one of those clear plastic magnetic picture frames and stamped on card stock and then inserted it into the frame. Then I took a post it note pad and peeled the back off and stuck it on the outside of the frame. Then I took one of those Pentel RSVP pens and stamped on paper and rolled it and slid it into the inside barrel of the pen. With that I used a small piece of velcro and put one piece on the frame itself and the other piece on the pen to stick it with the post it note. And I put it on the refrigerater. But I think I bought a cheapie post it not pad because it ended up falling off. You can also use one of the stand up frames and just lay it down as a desk top post it note holder. I'm sure you have already seen these done before. Anyway, TFS! I really like this. Gotta see if I can find some heavy duty magnet clips now. PennyH email