Thursday, July 19, 2007

I rock!!

I feel so lucky ... Michelle (she's one Crazy Stamp Chick!!) voted for me for Rockin' Girl Blogger!! I am so new to blogging - it makes me feel so blessed to have "met" so many amazing people. A big shout-out needs to go to Linda and the A Muse crew for pushing me into blogging with A*Muse*A*Palooza (I miss it already, how 'bout you?)! I love seeing what others are doing - checking in on their lives! I will be the first to admit that I am not always the best at leaving comments and telling people what I think ... I need to work on that! So, some of the people that I will vote for today may not know who I am, but please know that I really enjoy your blogs and look forward to getting to know you better! The other challenge will be not voting for people that have already been voted for!!

1. First and foremost, my number one bestest friend and partner in all things crafty, Sarah B at Suki's Blog! She rocks - I love her on so many levels - I could go on and on all day long!!

2. I love Angie at Chic n' Scratch! She is so sweet ... and has the greatest southern accent! When I read her blog posts - I can just hear her great voice!!

3. Kristina Werner at kwernerdesign blog ... one of the most visually pleasing blogs that I visit! She does things with SU! sets that I would never think of ... just absolutely beautiful designs! I wish I was going to convention this year so I could swap with her - her swaps are amazing!! And she is very funny, too!

4. Jenny K at Paper Daisy Chain (or now it seems to be A Little Bit of This Plus A Little Bit of That But Always 100% Me - hey, I can respect the blog name change!). She has some great cards - I love the bella card here! Plus, I really relate to a lot of her posts as a mom!

5. Emily at Stamping Scoops ... I know she is like, A Muse Royalty, and all ... hopefully she won't mind being nominated! I just love her cards ... such fun uses for my favorite A Muse stamps!!

Thanks again to Michelle!


Michelle said...

You are so welcome!! I love your blog. Even though I started mine a year ago, I never did much with it until A*MUSEA*PALOOZA; so I still feel like it's kinda new. It made my day when I got nominated, so I wanted to share the goodness!! Keep the cute cards coming.

scoopy (Emily) said...

Thanks Tisha!