Monday, March 10, 2008

Share your Spark Friday (on Tuesday!)

Sometimes I think if it weren't for Heather, I wouldn't stamp at all!! Ha ha ha! Kind of funny that they last 2 things that have actually made it to my blog were for Heather's Share Your Spark challenges! Well, these I had to do for something else, and they just happen to fit the challenge for this week!! Heather's challenge was to use something that you had never used before and I did that on this stack of Thank You Notes! I had never used this Frog Prince stamp from A Muse, and I used my new Scor-Pal for the first time!! LOOOOOOVE IT!! I used to do a lot more "bulk" stamping - wedding invites, baby announcements, etc, and how I wish I had this amazing tool then! It might just get me back into the bulk business!! I also renewed my love affair with my big Fiskars rotary cutter with these! I have been using a small Fiskars trimmer because it is more "convenient" to just keep right beside me, but I am never really happy with the cut and end up having to sand just about every edge, and my scores are never quite even! So, I pulled out the big daddy again, and found a dedicated spot for it, and I just have to get my big ole' booty out of the chair and cut things!!

Onto the cards:
One of my best friends is having a baby in May, and she has a baby shower this weekend ... in Vancouver, Washington ... insert sad, pouty face here!! I hate, hate, hate that we are not closer! She doesn't know what she's having, but she has a frog theme for the nursery! I wanted some gender neutral, easy thank you's for her - and these are what I came up with! This design was heavily influenced by Heather's great Flower Drinks cards! I loved the white space, the simplicity - but I didn't have a gazillion Twinkle Stickers, so I had to use ribbon!

I know this is turning into a marathon post, but I wanted to share one quick tip with you! When I am making a bunch of something, and I want it to be similar (okay, the same!), I like to make a template to make sure that things will be in the same spot!! For this one, I cut the green paper to the same size as my white, then punched a hole where I wanted the frog!
For each card, I just lined up the Frog Prince stamp with the hole, and stamped! Easy, peasy, perfect placement every time!! The "thank you" is from the A Muse "Personal Stationary" set, and it was super easy to line up because it is clear! I placed it on my block so that I could line up the bottom of the block with the bottom of the card stock! I made 15 of these babies in about 2 hours, and the longest part was coloring them in!!
Whew ... I think this sets some kind of record for my longest post ever! Thanks for sticking with me, and thanks for all the kind words about my new blog banner!! I have been so impressed with Suck My Lolly (and I get such a kick out of the name - giggle, giggle!) - check her out if you want to update your blog!!


Heather said...

You're too funny! This is uch a cute card! And the scor-pal ... how much do you love that thing?! It's sooo simple, but really just the coolest tool!

Jen said...

These are adorable! I love that green color.
I'm dying for a scor-pal. If only I had an actual craft room with some table space for it!!

adelina said...

Thank you so much for sharing that tip!!! I love your card and I want a scor-pal, too. Maybe next month. . .;-)

scoopy (Emily) said...

Love your new blog banner, the card, and that circle template trick! Very clever! I don't do alot of bulk cards, but I'll remember that trick for sure!