Thursday, April 10, 2008

11 Years of Henry!

Time goes so fast! It seems like just yesterday that I was holding an 8 pound 4 oz bundle of joy (after I tried to deliver him in the toilet, but that's another story!), now he is 5 feet tall and can put away more food than I can! For his Birthday dinner, he picked the Cheesecake Factory - the kid has pretty good taste! :) We had an awesome dinner! Here are a few pics ... and for all those that are here for actual STAMPED things, stick with me, there is a card at the bottom!!

We'll call this "My Two Dads" - Henry with his father on the right and his stepdad on the left!
Lily hamming it up for the camera again - she was screaming in the highchair, but if I pointed the camera at her, she would stop immediately and give me a big grin!
MMMMM, yummy! Henry chose Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake! They did such a nice job with the plate!

Dig in!!
Parker & Ben enjoying their Chocolate Pecan Carmel Turtle (or something like that!) Cheesecake!

Is this a happy kid or what??
Thanks for sticking with me through this long, personal post! Here is the card that I made for Henry! I was going for something simple, and not too baby-ish! Still maybe a bit young for an 11 year old, but oh well! For such a simple card, I struggled!! I swear that RED ink is my nemesis! Every time I use red ink, I end up with a smudge on my project! This time I was able to trim the white piece down a bit and make it work! I combined a few pieces of A Muse stamps on this card ... the "birthday" is from the awesome clear set "Birthday Builder", the "super" is from the "have a super day" sentiment, and the "wish" is from the Elzybell's "make a wish" sentiment!


denise said...

Okay, let's hear the story!

Novell said...

What a fun card! Happy Birthday, big guy! Looks like you had a ton of fun (and great choice for a place to celebrate!)

Sarah/WAstamper said...

Love the card and the different stamps you combined to put it together. Will be casing this for one of my little guys for sure!