Saturday, April 26, 2008

Let it Be!

I rushed home from work at the hospital and got straight to work on the VMAA challenges! Better late than never, right! This is for the first challenge tonight ... Let it Be ... no embellishments! I know I would have normally added ribbon or something to this design! But it is just great the way it is! This will be going out to a nurse at another hospital who recently gave me a lot of support as I was deciding to start my grandmother on hospice!

Details: All A Muse ... that about covers it!


Jennie M said...

This card is perfect Tisha! I love it!

Lori Barnett said...

Very well done Tish. That was fun huh!!

Rhonda said...

This is wonderful!! Love the colors on here. I just saw a horrible movie on video over the weekend, Atonement, have you seen that??? This card reminds me of the gal that played Briony in it when she was a nurse!!! Your card is not horrible, just the movie!! :D LOL!! TFS!! :D